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Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day!

Can you believe it’s already February 14th and Valentines is in the air?! I’m sure yesterday was only Christmas and we were dealing with the mischievous antics of Ailsa Elf around the warehouse!

This Valentines, we cannot thank all of you enough for supporting our family run wholesale business. The plush toys and teddies have been flying off the shelves, creating not only a fantastic Valentines season for ourselves, but for you as well! We hear your stores have been selling out like crazy, as everyone wants the latest Huggable Toys goodie for their loved one!

Give yourselves a pat on the back, take a well-deserved break, and treat yourselves this Valentines—you all deserve it!

Here at Huggable Toys, we wanted to commemorate this romantic Hallmark occasion with a look at some of the love traditions that happen around the world.

    • During July 13th and 20th the Argentinians celebrate love in “sweetness week” with lovers exchanging kisses for candy and have a full day dedicated to friendship
    • Love seekers visit the matchmaker statue in a temple in order to find love
    • On May 1st, many couples travel to a statue of Karel Hynek Ma Cha, whereas others share a kiss under cherry blossoms to bring their relationship good luck for the remaining year
    • February 14 is a day to celebrate friendships!
    • The Germans celebrate by “pigging out”—that is, statues of pigs are combines with flowers and gifts for luck
    • Valentine’s Day is for the men! Women give the men chocolates and hope they return the gesture on March 14th. Interestingly, the chocolates all mean something, there’s “true feeling” chocolates, “obligation chocolate” and “ultra-obligation chocolate”
    • Feb 14 is the day for mass weddings in the Philippines, with the government even sponsoring the event so those with less are able to tie the knot as well!
    • On the 24th February, some Romanians head out to the forest to pick flowers and celebrate spring and others wash their face in snow to bring themselves health and happiness
    • Men send anonymous poems to women, signed with 1 dot for each letter in the man’s name. If the women guesses correctly, he rewards her with an egg on Easter, if she guesses incorrectly it is she who owes the egg
    • Celebrate a holiday for love later in the year, but on Feb 14th they walk through a field barefoot—even if it’s frozen!
    • Young girls pin the name of their loved one on their sleeve from the day—traditionally men would run through the streets wearing goat skins and whipping women into fertility! (I think we all prefer the modern-day adaptation!)
    • Every 14th day of the month is known as “love day”. Women give gifts to the men, and then mean return the favour on “white day” 1 month later. If the favour isn’t returned… singles eat “black noodles” and wear colours of mourning on April 14th  
    • On January 25th (or St Dyqnewn’s day), young men give their loved ones “love spoons”

How do you celebrate your love?