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Isolation Fun with Huggable Toys

Keeping your kids entertained during the school holidays can be a challenge, let alone during self-isolation. Not to worry, we’ve done a little bit of research for you and have come up with some ideas with your very own Huggable Toys!

Have a teddy bears picnic
Sit inside or outside (depending on the weather), set out your picnic blanket, and be ready for a myriad of delicious treats you and the kids can cook together. Think little Aussie treats (easy to whip up, easy to munch into!) such as mini Vegemite sandwiches, party pies, and fish fingers (little bears love their fish), followed by Fairy Bread, fresh fruit and Honey Joys (for a honey loving bear). Wash it all down with some freshly made lemonade and enjoy the fun and frivolity of having a teddy bear picnic together.

Guess the Plush Toy – a sensory game
Place all plush toys in a basket. Put a blindfold over yours/your child’s eyes. Whoever is wearing the blindfold, reaches over and takes a toy from the bucket. Using sense of touch, try and work out exactly which one it is! This is a fabulous way to develop sensory awareness for your little one, as well as enhancing their use of descriptive language as they try to describe the feel and shape.

Imaginative Play
Imaginative Play is a fantastic way to steer the child’s imagination and even allow them to learn a little at the same time with educational plush!
Road Trip –
Take your favourite road trip from inside your home. Perhaps you’re going on a safari, off to the beach, to the local dog park or even back in time! A child’s imagination is incredible and will truly take them places!
Go Snorkelling – Set up an inside tent of blue fabric above (water) and yellow fabric (sand) below and hang under the sea creatures from the top of the tent. Put on your scuba gear, don your snorkel and mask and search for the fish under the sea! Play a game of trying to name each species or a movie they feature in, the world is your oyster!
(PS – Remember to pack away neatly at the end of the day!)

Create a Book
Select your toy/s and take a photo of it. Glue it into a scrap book or a notebook and have your child draw the usual (or perceived) habitat of their toy. Allow your child to gather all information they can find about their particular favourite toy–be it imagined, urban myth or fact. Write it all down! Remember to include special memories your child has with this toy and where they may have been together. Title the page with the name of the plush toy (scientific, common usage and the name your child gave him/her!) Voila! A cute little information book, both educational and fun (and something for your child to look back on in memory!)

Write a Story
Take a picture of your teddy/plush toy in a theme–maybe they’ve gone shopping, are gardening, or snorkelling (imagination is key). Take a picture and let your child tell you / write a story about the picture. What happened to teddy on this particular adventure? What did he see? Not only is your child utilising their imagination, they are learning communication skills too!

Animal Rescue
Brainstorm some predicaments animals may find themselves in, e.g. dog stuck in the gate, horse in a hay barrel, piggie in the pantry drawer. Divide your children into teams (or even you vs your child), then divide all plush animals equally. Each team places the other team’s animals in a plush predicament from which they need to be rescued.  Set a timer (you choose the time depending on age/difficulties/quantity of rescues!) and off the team goes to rescue their animals. The first team to rescue them all in the allowable time wins!

Stuffed Toys Charades
In another room (or out of sight) place all plush into a basket. Each of you take it in turns to go into the room, close your eyes and pull out a plush toy. Thinking about this toy, go back to the group and act out (no sounds) the plush toy until someone guesses what toy it is. The winner takes the next turn.

Hide and Seek Plush
Hide the plush toys around the house, then choose one particular item and this is the one the children need to find to win the game.  Set a timer and see who can find the chosen item in the allotted time.  For extra bonus, and particularly if you need to have a 2nd/3rd place, other colours/plush animal might score particular points.  See how many points can be accumulated

Australia’s Teddy Bear Hunt

Houses Australia wide are joining in on the teddy bear hunt and you can join in to. Put your own teddy in the window, out on the balcony or even in a tree–you decide where he’ll be seen best. And then it’s off to don your walking shoes and head out into the fresh air. Use your detective skills to see who has a teddy/plush toy hidden around their neighbourhood. Maybe keep a tally of different colours, different animals seen animals!

The End of the Day
Make a game of putting all the toys away. Who can find all the ______ coloured animals? How quickly can you put them away where they belong? Turn tidying into a fun game 🙂


Hope we gave you a few ideas to use up some of the pent-up energy children always have. Let us know which game you enjoyed most!