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Wishing you a huggable Easter

From the entire team at Huggable Toys, we wish you all a very happy Easter!

If you’re not working—enjoy the long weekend! And if you are working, we hope you get to enjoy time with your loved ones!

Although Easter traditions see copious amounts of delicious chocolate consumed on Easter Sunday, not to mention buttery hot-cross buns (mmmm!), Easter is a very spiritual time, especially for the Christian church. Not only does Easter Sunday always fall on the first Sunday after the first full moon of autumn (or spring if you are in the northern hemisphere), but for Christians, it is a time to commemorate the end of Lent and the death and resurrection of the lamb of God, Jesus Christ.

Around the world, there are many traditions for Easter:

Here in Australia, we celebrate a four-day long weekend. Children are visited by the Easter Bunny or Easter Bilby who leaves behind goodies for them to hunt for on Easter Sunday.

Russia’s decorating of the eggs was taken to a whole other level with the creation of the Fabergé egg, a gift for the Empress. Each egg took a year to complete, decorated with expensive jewels, stones, and gems.

In Greece, eggs are painted red to represent the blood of Christ. They crack their eggs together and say “Christos anesti!”, with the cracking of eggs representing Jesus’ resurrection and new life.

In Germany eggs are painted and hung from a special Easter tree. They also eat numerous treats and celebrate Easter Sunday as Family Day.

In Perth, Huggable Toys was visited by their very own Easter Bunny who left behind little chocolate eggs in the office. And we feel we’ve done our part in helping out Aussies nation-wide, providing them with the perfect cuddly (not to mention calorie free) Easter soft toy. Our wholesale plush toy collection includes the softest bunny rabbits you will ever cuddle, some of the most realistic mini moulded rabbits that fit perfectly in your palm, not to mention spring-chickens and adorable baby lambs! If you haven’t got yours already, check out our wholesale toys today!

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