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Valentine’s Day (February 14th)

Love is in the Air and with Valentine’s Day peering around the corner Huggable Toys have some great plush ways to show how much you care. Designed to melt hearts, these gorgeous toys are an appealing way to say I Love You. A loving gift from you to someone special or maybe just to keep for yourself, we all need “Bear Hugs “ and what better way to have a Hug A Day, than with A Huggable Toys

But where did all this lovey dovey aspect of Valentine’s Day start.  I’m glad you asked – here are some theories proffered by various learned people.

Like many festivals and holidays, there is an amalgamation of pagan and religious beliefs.  Valentine’s Day occurs in mid-February to observe the anniversary of Valentine’s death (approximately 270AD).  The middle of February is also the pagan festival of Lupercalia, a fertility festival dedicated to Faunus – Roman god of agriculture.  Lupercalia was outlawed by the end of the 5th century and February 14th was declared St Valentine’s Day by Pope Gelasius.

So who was Valentine?

Emperor Claudius II decreed young men could not be married as it affected their abilities to soldier.  Valentine, in defiance of this, secretly conducted marriages of young couples.  When discovered, he was imprisoned and put to death.

Another legend attributes the imprisoned Valentine as sending a letter to a girl with whom he fell in love, signing it, From Your Valentine.

And so from here, to handmade cards in the Middle Ages, to romantic dinners out and teddy bears in the 21st Century St. Valentine has come a long way!

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