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Sensational Snake Fun Facts

When we decided to post a fun fact about snakes on our Huggable Toys Instagram and facebook pages we became fascinated by some other slithery statements about these serpents.

For instance, we were horrified to find out there are FLYING – yes flying – snakes.  Ok, so they don’t fly – but they do glide – and up to 100 metres!!!! Suddenly the Huggable Toys Team are not wishing to traverse the jungles of South East Asia anytime soon.  Slithering to the end of a tree branch these snakes thrust  themselves into the air, flattening their bodies to about twice normal width whilst contorting the body into the shape of an S.  Thankfully they prey on smaller animals, their mildly toxic venom but their fangs are small and fixed rendering them harmless to humans.

Moving on, let’s look at the what is to be considered the world’s most venomous snake – the Inland Taipan.  Found on our own sunny plains of Australia, it inhabits the semi-arid regions of central-eastern Australia and one bite apparently has the ability to kill off between 80-100 adult male humans with death occurring in 30-45 minutes.  Fortunately for us it is the shy retiring type and not considered aggressive.  Nonetheless, we at Huggable Toys are planning on keeping well away!  We will stick with our plush and infinitely less toxic Huggable Toy Snakes.

Let’s end with a positive.  Some snake venom is utilised in the drug industry, with the Brazilian pit viper ‘s venom being one of the first to be used in medication to treat high blood pressure.   Research with snake venom is currently being looked at relating to treatment of stroke, Alzheimers, chronic pain and even cancer.  All of us at Huggable Toys hope this research leads to cures.

There are so many other fun facts about snakes, so stay tuned for a later blog.  In the meantime, take another look at our Huggable Snakes – do you see them differently knowing these fun facts?