Tiger Shark

Product Code: OIsha-tig

Product Brand: Oceanic Inspirations by Huggable Toys

This terrific tiger shark might look scary and menacing, but trust us, he won’t bite–after all, he’s part of the Huggable Toys collection!

Based on one of the ocean’s top predators, this Tiger Shark is made from super soft and luxurious plush materials, crafted to the highest of quality. With a lifelike design, thin black stripes, a white underbelly, and a mouthful of pointed felt teeth, this little guy is the perfect addition to any shark lovers collection. Better yet, you can cuddle this one much more easily than you can cuddle one in the wild!

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  • Approx. 30cm
  • Recommended for ages 3 & up
Aquarium, Aquatic, Black, Deep Sea, Diving, Grey, Ocean, Ocean Life, Oceanic Inspirations, Plush, Scuba, Sea, Sea Life, Shark, Souvenir, Tiger Shark, Under the Sea, Popular

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